Etiqueta 'Mallorca fraud'

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Woman on trial for defrauding a friend over 30,000 euros

The woman made up the story that her non-existent boyfriend had been arrested at Palma airport for transporting gold bars in his suitcase.

MDB Digital17/05/2024 12:13

Palacio de Congresos conference and exhibition centre in Palma, Mallorca

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On trial for alleged trade-fair fraud in Palma

The second Mallorca Real Estate Fair was called off the day before it was due to have started.

Andrew Ede22/11/2023 09:19

Mallorca-based fraud against Amazon

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Suspended sentences for defrauding Amazon

Carried out in Mallorca, it was the largest fraud perpetrated in Europe against Amazon.

Andrew Ede07/02/2023 16:38