The offices of the Spanish Government Delegation in Palma should have switched off their lights at midnight on Wednesday, as the government's new energy saving plan came into force.

But the lights didn't go off because of a fault with the timer, red-faced officials admitted on Thursday morning. In fact, they were on for at least two hours after the deadline. And it wasn't just the Delegation's offices; it was the same story at Palma town hall.

The government has promised to fine people who do not obey the energy saving plan.

These are the key points of the energy saving plan:

Maximum of 19 degrees Celsius for heating and a minimum of 27 degrees Celsius for air conditioning or cooling, in offices both public and private, commercial establishments, cultural spaces and transport facilities.

2. Lights out in shop windows and spaces after 10pm.
From 10pm shop windows cannot be lit, with the intention of saving electricity, and the same applies to public buildings that are unoccupied at these hours.

3. Automatic door closing. This measure affects retail premises in particular, since they are the ones that most frequently use these kinds of doors.
The directive: exterior doors must be set to close automatically, even in the case of spaces that are air-conditioned with renewable energy.