The Hortella Fest concerts have been on Thursdays. | Hortella Fest


The organisers of the Hortella Fest concerts in Sant Joan have cancelled the three remaining concerts because of what they claim has been pressure from owners and users of holiday rental properties in the area.

These concerts have been held on Thursdays at the Restaurant Finca Hortella d'en Cotanet in Sant Joan. The organisers say that there have been threats and complaints and "numerous visits" from the police and the Guardia Civil. This is not a new situation this summer, as there has been this pressure in previous years.

Criticising a lack of support from Sant Joan town hall and the Balearic government, the organisers have stated on social media that it hurts their souls to have to say goodbye in this way - "totally against our will".

"Mallorca is officially a land of tourists. We locals have no place and the authorities confirm this with their attitude." All they, the organisers, have sought is to promote the island's musical diversity.

"It is sad that year after year we have had to overcome obstacles that have grown bigger and bigger. Those who consider themselves our political representatives have once again failed us and have tilted the balance towards those who have more money. In the face of an Airbnb full of Germans who think that Mallorca is their own private spa, you cannot compete no matter how hard you try."

* In listings for events in Mallorca, a start time of 11pm is given for a night of indie rock (August 18) and a night of reggae (August 25).