Buggies on the Puig de Sant Salvador in Felanitx. | Gori Vicens


Arta, Felanitx and Manacor have all passed bylaws aimed at curbing buggy and quad excursions that affect rural and natural areas.

The mayor of Manacor, Miquel Oliver, is now acting on behalf of all three town halls in seeking regulation of these excursions either at a regional or island level. Oliver has discussed this with the president of the Felib federation of town halls, Antoni Salas, the mayor of Costitx, who supports a proposal for all town halls to issue a joint statement calling for regulation.

Oliver argues that a regulatory framework is required so that all municipalities are protected under one common set of regulations. "The ordinance that we have introduced in Manacor allows us to act in our municipality and preserve rural roads and lanes. But if there are limitations in Manacor, organisers of excursions will move to Son Servera or Sant Llorenç. We need an island-wide framework."

In Manacor, as was already the case in Arta, fines of up to 500 euros can be imposed on organisers and their clients. Motor vehicles are totally prohibited in natural areas, where lanes are unsuitable and the environment would be harmed. On other rural roads that do not pass through areas classified as natural spaces, prior authorisation must be obtained from the town hall. The maximum speed is typically 30 kilometres per hour.