Mostly all chicken comes from the mainland. | Archive


Although supermarkets in Mallorca say that they are having no problems with stocks of chicken or water, the president of the distributors association, Bartolomé Servera, points to there being supply issues. With chicken, especially fresh chicken, he says that it has been like this "all season", because it is a highly perishable product. Nevertheless, he adds that there is not a shortage as such. For there to be a shortage, as supermarkets have previously explained, shelves would have to be empty for several days, and this has not been happening.

Servera explains that nearly all of the chicken in Mallorca and the Balearics comes from the mainland, Catalonia in particular. "What is produced here is not enough to supply a hotel chain for one day."

As to water, mainly sparkling water, he says that supply issues aren't as great as with chicken, but that specific brands have been affected. This is primarily because of the level of demand. "No one had anticipated that it would be so high."

Some restaurants, it is understood, are switching brands because their orders aren't being met.