The bill for breakfast in Mallorca. | Instagram


Breakfast, what a great invention. The aroma of coffee or the satisfying whistle of the kettle, freshly spread toast and thinly sliced sausage - all the energy we need to face the day.

Breakfast in Mallorca took on a new meaning last week when a group of twenty Germans in Playa de Palma spent 1,260 euros on 600, 200-millilitre beers.

Their breakfast began shortly after 10am at the Bamboleo Biergarten bar in Arenal.
And they have become social media stars.

Post about their exploits have flooded in with comments, praising the tourists’ ‘feat’. They have been labelled ‘pop stars’, classified as ‘Mallorca AllStars’, while others have made it clear they intend to beat their 600 beers for breakfast.

Look out Playa de Palma, the Germans have found a new game to play on holiday!