This summer will be one of the hottest on record in Spain. | Josep Bagur Gomila


June was the fourth hottest since records began, July was the warmest month, and the first half of August 2022 has been the second hottest on record, only surpassed by 2003, according to data published by the State Meteorological Agency (Aemet) today.

The current hydrological year (from 1 October to 31 July) is the fourth driest since records began in 1961.

It has rained 26% less than normal.
Pending the end of August, “only 2004-2005, 1998-1999 and 2011-2012 were drier, from October to July,” Aemet spokesman Rubén del Campo said.

The calendar year 2022 is, until 31 July, is the third driest on record (behind 2005 and 2012) and also, so far, the third warmest (behind 2020 and 2017).

And, temperatures this weekend in Mallorca will reach highs of 35ºC.