The horse was startled by a clap of thunder.


Alcudia's mayor, Domingo Bonnín, says that he is "sick to death" with problems caused by horse carriages. "It is time to take significant measures. We are therefore studying the possibility of rescinding the concessions, which are municipal, in order to definitively eliminate this service."

The system of concessions is similar to that for taxis, Bonnín emphasising that he is "willing" to withdraw them, "aware that compensation will have to be paid".

The problems that the mayor refers to are not just those related to animal welfare and the opposition of animal rights groups and indeed many other members of the public. There are also traffic and safety issues. Safety was highlighted on Thursday, when a horse broke free and bolted after being startled by a clap of thunder.

This incident occurred by the aptly named Horse Roundabout. A parked vehicle was damaged, as the horse galloped along the road past the sports centre towards Magic. Alcudia police were eventually able to catch the horse.