Fossil-fuel energy is being phased out. | Europa Press


The Balearic Environment Commission is recommending that the government plans for decreased energy consumption, not just because of savings but also to contain the growth in consumption. The commission is questioning a view of unlimited development of consumption, even if this does entail using renewable energy sources.

At present, there is an environmental evaluation of the government's plan for energy transition and climate change. The commitment is to reducing energy dependence and to moving towards self-sufficiency and guaranteed supply for the Balearics. But the commission believes that there should be a decrease in energy demand and that greater emphasis should be placed on reducing consumption. "There is no reference to a decrease in energy consumption, understood as a change in the production and consumption model."

The plan has two key targets - a 40% reduction in emissions by 2030 compared with 1990 and 35% use of renewable energy sources. The commission is arguing the case for reducing human pressure, changing consumption and mobility habits, and protecting the natural environment, including planned de-growth.

Among the commission's proposals are ones to improve public transport through further rail electrification and the introduction of trams.