Spanish regional airline Air Nostrum is looking to establish a new network of routes, which will include Mallorca, when it takes delivery of 10 British-built Airlander 10 hybrid airships in 2026. The airline is looking at opening up a new network of destinations, making use of the Airlander’s ability to land on any flat surface, or even water. It could mean that holidaymakers could be flown directly to their resorts.

If all goes according to plan Air Nostrum will be linking Palma and Barcelona with the airships by 2026 with an average journey time of four hours. The air vehicles are environmentally friendly and can carry up to 100 passengers.

“We fly aircraft between 50-100 seats. The Airlander 10 can seat 100 passengers, so it fits perfectly,” Air Nostrum vice chairman Miguel Angel Falcon said at the Farnborough Airshow.

“We have regional jets for longer distances and turboprops for shorter distances, and now we have Airlander.”