Corral d'en Bennàssar. | Elena Ballestero

At 11am on Sunday (September 4), residents of Corral d'en Bennàssar in Alcudia will stage a protest against the town hall's proposal for the entry point for the second mainland electricity cable connection.

The town hall, which rejects the Spanish government and Balearic ministry for energy transition preference for S'Illot, has sent the ministry a proposal for the cable to arrive at a point opposite the abandoned Posada de Verano in Sa Marina (on the coast road to Puerto Pollensa).

Alcudia's mayor, Domingo Bonnín, says that there is a "gap" in posidonia sea meadows, which town hall technicians believe would make Sa Marina a viable option. Moreover, the cable's route to the Sant Martí substation on the Ca na Lloreta industrial estate would not pass through heavily populated areas.

The president of the residents association, Cati Civera, says that "the town hall wants to move it away from populated areas and so that it doesn't go through hotel areas". "The proposal is for it to enter through here, but that doesn't sit well with us, as we don't want it either."

The second connection is due to start operating some time in 2026. Alcudia has been chosen as the location, but among the challenges as to where the cable should enter is posidonia. The bay of Alcudia is full of sea grass meadows and has therefore been ruled out. Posidonia is less abundant in the bay of Pollensa, and in the S'Illot area there is relatively little. In logistical terms - the route to the substation - the town hall's proposal does make some sense. The mayor has added that if its proposal isn't taken into account, it will consider lodging an appeal against the whole project for a second connection.