Fight on the train heading to Santa Maria. | Última hora


On Saturday night, there was an event in Santa Maria, which the local police say that they only found out about through social media. No security had been arranged, and the police - overwhelmed by calls of complaint - were unable to do a great deal to cope with the apparent vandalism, fights and street drinking.

One comment on social media read: "There were hundreds of young people from other towns. Street drinking everywhere and fights. A disaster." Another remarked that "a load of boys climbed on top of a car; I called the police and they didn't pick up the phone".

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Residents say that the streets were full of young people, the vast majority not from Santa Maria. "They were drunk and were urinating and vomiting everywhere," said one.

Before this all happened, there was a flavour of what was to come - a fight on the train from Inca. This was just after 10pm. It is said that there were teenagers of "different nationalities". Some were cut or bruised, others had shirts ripped.