One of the trucks making daily deleiveries of water to Deya. | Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter


Deya Council halved the water supply to the local population today in order to deal with the serious drought.

“If you see that the flow that reaches your house is lower than usual, you should know that this is because of the reduction in supply”, explained the mayor.

The mayor also reminded residents that they are still banned from using water from the municipal network to fill swimming pools, water gardens and clean terraces or cars.

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“I also inform you that I have given orders to the concessionary company to monitor abusive and unjustified consumption (from the standard consumption per person per day). If detected, they will be fined and the meter will be temporarily withdrawn”, he added.

Apesteguia explained that “the lack of rainfall this summer has meant that the Font d’Es Molí and the well of Es Verger are no longer sufficient to guarantee the water supply for human consumption, not even with the daily delivery of water by trucks from Palma.

The council is buying water from the Son Pacs reservoir and transports it by lorry to guarantee the supply, as the municipality is not connected to Mallorca’s mains, which allows other municipalities to be supplied with desalinated water.

So far this summer Deya has bought 3,375 cubic metres of water, nearly tens times the quantity of water delivered by lorry in 2021, when Deya bought only 357 cubic metres of water.