Sunset visits started to become fashionable a few years ago. | Lluc Garcia


Traffic restrictions to prevent crowds of people gathering for the sunset in one part of the Tramuntana Mountains - Formentor - don't exist to deter similar gatherings by Sa Foradada in Deya.

The town hall has made repeated complaints about the large crowds of people and number of cars at the viewpoint, which is within the Son Marroig estate. Sa Foradada is especially popular because of the rock formation - there's a hole in it. A few years ago, sunset visits started to become fashionable, and there is now something of a "chillout" party atmosphere.

In summer 2020, the town hall and the estate agreed to prohibit access in the evenings. They were able to under the coronavirus measures. The town hall now has no authority to act.

Deya's mayor, Lluís Apesteguia, who has denounced the general traffic congestion in Deya, says that if there is no solution to the chaos at Sa Foradada, "there'll be an accident one of these days".