The Guardia Civil barracks in Inca where the report was lodged. | Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter


The Guardia Civil has charged an 18-year-old with falsely reporting a kidnapping and robbery with violence to avoid a telling off from his girlfriend after he arrived home late after partying in the Arenal area.

The suspect, of Venezuelan nationality, made the false report with the Guardia Civil in Inca.
He claimed that four men approached him in the street in the early hours of the morning and forced him into a car.

According to his version, he was released minutes later on the Palma-Alcudia motorway.
He also claimed that he had been robbed of his headphones worth 234 euros.

The Guardia Civil, given the seriousness of the reported facts, began an investigation to try to clarify what had happened.
The enquiries led the agents to the conclusion that the complaint could have been fabricated.
They summoned the alleged victim back to the barracks for a new statement and the man ended up confessing that he had made it all up.

The young man explained to the officers that he had made up the false report to avoid getting in trouble with his girlfriend because he had got home late after partying in Arenal.