Police vehicles in Palma. | Archive

David Díez, a Palma councillor with the opposition Partido Popular, maintains that some fifty out of a fleet of 230 police vehicles in the city are not operational due to faults.

Díez says that he has received numerous complaints from officers, highlighting the fact that different police stations "have to lend each other cars". This means that the police are doing their work “in unsuitable conditions". He suggests that cars are off the road for simple repairs, "such as a headlight or a trunk that doesn't close properly", that take too long.

He acknowledges that the administration at the town hall has recently bought new cars, "but it is clear that these are insufficient". He adds that the town hall has had to tender maintenance and repair several times. "The problem has been that the terms and conditions have not been attractive and so tenders have been declared void due to a lack of interest. But it does seem that these terms have now improved."