Members of Palma City Council claim the capital does not need any more tourists. | Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter


MÉS-Estimam Palma issued a statement today rejecting the promotion of new tourist routes between the United States and Palma, an initiative announced by the mayor, José Hila (PSIB).

MÉS, one of the parties that make up the governing pact in Palma City Council, has declared itself “categorically opposed” to this possibility, stressing that “the pressure and tourist overcrowding” that the city is already experiencing is “enormous”.

“The future of tourism lies in degrowth. Opening more routes to the USA goes in the opposite direction”, argued the councillor for City Planning, Decent Housing and Sustainability and municipal spokesperson for the eco-soberanist party, Neus Truyol.

Miquel Contreras, coordinator of MÉs-Estimam Palma said: “the tourist saturation that we are experiencing generates serious coexistence and environmental problems.”

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Contreras pointed out that the report by the Committee of Experts for Energy Transition in the Balearics, published two days ago, states that 30 percent of energy consumption in the Balearics is air transport “and that it is essential to reduce the number of tourists in order to respond to climate change”.

For this reason, the party has called for the promotion of economic diversification, and instead of promoting new tourist routes, “work for a change of model and promote other economic sectors such as renewable energy, sustainable agriculture and agriculture, local industry based on circularity, the care economy, research and culture.

“We must promote a more solid economy that responds to the needs of Mallorca and its people. Not more and more tourism”, concluded the municipal spokesperson for MÉS-Estimam Palma.

United Airlines have been flying direct from New York to Palma since May and the service finishes at the end of this month,September, and the airline claims to have brought nearly 10,000 Americans to the Island.