The El Bungalow restaurant has been operating for nearly 40 years. | Pere Bota


In just a matter of hours, the owners of the restaurant El Bungalow have collected more than 1,800 signatures against a Costas Authority demolition order.

The platform hosts the collection of signatures for a petition receiving massive support against the demolition of this restaurant in Ciudad Jardn, Palma.

According to Laura Aguiló, a member of the family that owns the restaurant, “the current aggressive policy of the Costas Authority aims to eliminate long-established restaurants from our coastline without taking into account the age and roots of our businesses”.

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The petition says that “the Costas have not only denied us the concession to work as a restaurant, but also intend to demolish the house and the public promenade in front, when both are built on rock (not sand)”.

The petition points out that “El Bungalow restaurant is a family business that has been working in Ciudad Jardín for four generations and almost forty years. The house was built in the 1920s. In the 1980s, we obtained the necessary permission to convert it into a restaurant. Today, we are a reference point for both the Mallorcan and foreign public”.

The restaurant points out that it is “part of the landscape of the neighbourhood in Ciudad Jardín, and has a staff of ten permanent workers all year". "In total, nineteen families who make a living from the restaurant are now under threat by this decision”.