Rainer Schaller's Mallorca estate in Bunyola, Mallorca. | Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter


Rainer Schaller - who owns Gold’s Gym and McFit, one of which is in Palma, among other brands - is missing alongside his family after their plane disappeared over the weekend.

Rainer owns a luxury estate in Bunyola, Mallorca, and it is where Cristiano Ronaldo and his family spent their summer holiday this year.

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A private plane carrying Schaller, his partner Christiane Schikorsky, their children and a reported fitness trainer are listed as the five passengers who have gone unaccounted for since their aircraft vanished off the Costa Rican coast while traveling from Mexico.

Reports say the plane lost all communication with a control tower while it was flying near Barra del Parismina in the Caribbean Sea - and now, the Costa Rican Coast Guard is saying they’ve found several pieces from what they believe is the wreckage, including at least two bodies.

Ronaldo hit the headlines this summer in Mallorca for his constant outings on his luxury yacht and his lavish lifestyle, but also for a spectacular accident involving his Bugatti Veyron, valued at around two million euros, which an employee of the football star crashed on June 20 in the Sa Coma urbanisation in Bunyola.