One of the two watercolours the former Prince painted of Valldemossa. | Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter

In his book “HRH THE PRINCE OF WALES WATERCOLOURS” there is a section dedicated to his favourite paintings of Mallorca.

The first is of Valldemossa which, in the accompanying comments written by the former Prince he states: “This village in Mallorca is one of the most attractive on the island. If you approach it from the valley below, at a time when the evening sunbathes it in a golden light and daubs long shadows across the buildings and out into the surrounding olive groves, you suddenly find yourself begging to stop the care in order to appreciate it better.”

He wrote of his painting of Puerto Andratx: “Andratx is another of the rather attractive small towns in Mallorca with a busy harbour full of yachts and general tourist activity. Trying to find a quiet spot in the evening from which to paint was quite impossible.”