Can Lluc has existed for over 40 years. | Gabriel Alomar


On Friday, the environmentalist organisation GOB stated that the Can Lluc bar and terrace in Cala Deya violate Coasts Law regulations. GOB are therefore opposed to submissions made by Deya town hall to the national ministry for ecological transition in favour of maintaining a concession.

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The environmentalists point to an article in the Coasts Law which does not allow occupation with fixed facilities on beaches considered to be natural - i.e. those with rustic land behind them, as is the case in Cala Deya.

For the ministry, read the Costas Authority, which will not be granting another temporary permit for the terrace; the bar itself hadn't been mentioned in this regard. The mayor of Deya, Lluis Apesteguia, has said he can't understand the Costas' decision and points to favourable reports for the terrace.