The house where Love Island is filmed.


It is the undisputed home of love on the island thanks to its association with the ITV top dating show, Love Island. But property owners are not feeling the love. Infact they are feeling rather spurned by the San Lorenzo council and some have been left rather broken hearted!

One property owner told the Bulletin: "I already pay plenty of taxes, but nothing compared to receiving this year’s annual non-resident tax demand from San Lorenzo council, home of Love Island. This year’s demand popped into my in-box, for 602 Euro, a 67% rise on the 2021 demand of 360 Euro. Their rationale for this outrageous increase is that they have not increased this non-resident tax in ten years. However, looking back at inflation figures, the overall increase is ~10%, with over this period, with some years in deflation/recession, so hugely beyond any reasonable increase.

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"So, well done to San Llorenzo for increasing their funds, at no notice, with no rationale and no tangible improvement in services.

"I am not alone as the town wall has inflicted this rise on all non-residents. How to make you feel welcome!"