The helicopter crew. | Julio Bastida

The National Police's Eurocopter EC135 P2 provides one means of the fight against drugs in Mallorca and the Balearics.

Kitted out with a powerful zoom, maximum quality images can be captured from a distance of one kilometre; the camera cost some half a million euros. Getting evidence of marijuana plantations is one use of the helicopter, which gives support when the police are engaged in drugs operations or, for example, when judicial notices are being delivered at the Son Banya shanty town, sometimes referred to as Mallorca's drugs supermarket. The helicopter has recently been key in obtaining irrefutable evidence against organised drugs gangs.

As well as support, the helicopter is used for hunting suspects. It can fly up to 3,000 metres but rarely does for safety reasons. On a more regular basis, it flies at an altitude of around 300 metres.