Cala Macarella in Minorca. | Gemma Andreu


On Wednesday, the Balearic Institute of Statistics published information regarding human pressure in the Balearics in August.

The calculation draws on data for the resident and transient populations and for planes and ships (including cruise ships). On August 5, there were 2,048,863 people in the Balearics, the highest daily number this August and not far behind the absolute record - 2,071,124 people on August 11, 2017.

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This is the third highest figure. There were 2,053,215 people in August 2016, while the peak in August 2019 was 2,039,687. The maximum human pressure this August was therefore some 9,000 greater than in the summer before the pandemic, an indication of the recovery of tourism.

There has of course been much talk about the 'tourist saturation' this summer, with August always being the busiest month for tourism. A curiosity of this August - very curious, as it had previously only ever happened during the pandemic - was that there were more Spanish tourists than either German or British. There were 625,000 Spanish tourists; 613,000 German; and 572,000 British. The increase in Spanish tourism was great - up from 467,000 in 2019 - while foreign tourism as a whole was down by 71,509 in August.