Traffic is light here, but there are real problems when it's heavy. | Pere Bota


Biel Moragues, president of one of Mallorca's taxi-driver associations, has written to the Council of Mallorca's mobility department and asked it to get rid of the continuous white line that marks the new high-occupancy vehicle lane from the airport to the Palacio de Congresos in Palma. "If you change lanes, you could be fined," he explains, it only being possible to get into the HOV lane at the airport. The lane extends for just over four kilometres. Taxis are among the vehicles permitted to use the lane.

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Moragues believes that the HOV lane has been "poorly planned" and that it shouldn't be the left lane but the right lane; this would help exiting the road. In his view, the first two days of the lane being operational have been "a disgrace". There has been crowding of vehicles in the two other lanes, and he points to the difficulties of using the HOV lane but then wanting to exit the road when the two lanes are "completely full".