Palma police made the arrest; the National Police then took over. | Alejandro Sepúlveda


On Thursday, Palma police arrested a 42-year-old Spanish man who bit off part of an ear of an Indian man.

Two days earlier, the Spaniard, who has a previous criminal record, was in a bar in Palma with his daughter. The Indian was also in the bar. At one point, the Indian let out a fart. There was an argument between the two because of this, and other people in the bar needed to intervene.

The next day, the Spaniard saw the Indian. Without saying anything, he approached him from behind his back and bit hard on his left ear - so much that the lower part fell to the ground. The Spaniard rode off on a scooter, while the Indian, who was with his brother, was bleeding profusely.

Police and an ambulance went to the scene. The piece of ear was put in ice, and it was sewn back on at Son Espases Hospital. He was discharged on Thursday, gave a formal report to the police, who then arrested the Spaniard. The National Police subsequently took charge of the case.