The PP say that they will get tough with graffiti. | Policia Local de Palma


The municipal election is still six months away, but the contenders are giving early notice of manifesto pledges. The Palma president of the main opposition party, the Partido Popular, and the candidate to be mayor, Jaime Martínez, has presented safety and cleaning plans that will be implemented if the PP return to government of Palma. These plans represent "two very important and, above all, very urgent projects for the city, which are part of the Palma 2035 Strategy".

Martínez, a former Balearic tourism minister, says that cleanliness and safety are "essential" tasks for any town hall but claims that Palma is "the fifth dirtiest and the fifth most unsafe city in Spain". "The people of Palma deserve cleaning and safety services to match being the eighth largest city in Spain. We must provide Emaya (the municipal services agency) and the local police with the necessary resources."

In emphasising that more material, vehicles, equipment and personnel are needed, he also highlights a town hall need to have the means to put an end to the "impunity for criminal acts, vandalism and graffiti".

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Among various proposals, Martínez explains that over the first six months of government, the PP will schedule the removal of graffiti and draw up a coordinated prevention plan between Emaya and the police.

"We will have a plan against vandalism and graffiti, which will be treated as a very serious offence. The fine, in all cases, will be a maximum of 3,000 euros, while graffiti on listed or heritage buildings will be prosecuted through criminal proceedings."

In the first few days of government, Martínez says that "we will intensify police presence in Palma, releasing officers from administrative functions, so that they can carry out public security duties". The PP, he adds, "will dignify the police, providing them with the necessary resources and with the objective of incorporating 300 new officers".