The security guard's injuries took four months to heal. | Julio Bastida

The Prosecutor's Office is calling for six-year sentences for a Spaniard and an Italian accused of running over a security guard in June 2020.

Shortly before 6pm on June 26, one of the two entered a supermarket in Palma's Es Rafal district. He shoplifted various items but was intercepted by the security guard as he left. He hit the guard and ran off, dropping the stolen goods. He got into a rented Fiat 500 in which his accomplice was waiting for him.

In seeking to stop the car, the security guard ended up on its hood before falling to the ground after having been run over. He suffered various injuries that took four months to heal.

One of the two fled to Ibiza, where he turned himself in a few days later. The other was arrested in Palma in February 2021.

The Prosecutor's Office is also demanding a compensation payment of 10,800 euros to the security guard.