Emiliyan Petkov three months after the attack. | Alejandro Sepúlveda


Around 2.30am on September 16, Emiliyan Petkov, a 45-year-old Bulgarian, was brutally attacked in Playa de Palma while he was on his way home from the club where he worked as a doorman.

He has a dozen staples in his skull. "They wanted to kill me by hitting me with metal bars and a knife. I'm lucky that I survived." Doctors said that he could have bled to death if the paramedics had not arrived on time. A German policeman who was on holiday recorded the beating with his phone. "They attacked me because I expelled a group of Romanians who were robbing customers on the premises." He suffered wounds to other parts of his body. "They hit me all over my body. In the ribs, on the elbow. And just for having thrown them out."

Emiliyan arrived in Mallorca in 2016. He worked as a doorman in Magalluf before Playa de Palma. He had never had any problems before.

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He's a strong man, but he couldn't handle the eight men who attacked him. He says that he and other security personnel knew who they were, as "they 'worked' day and night in the area". On that particular night in September, he and others had received threats from the attackers. The lawyer who represents him, Pablo Juanico, explains that they said that "someone was going to die that night". Emiliyan didn't take them seriously, as he was used to that sort of talk.

Five of his attackers were arrested by the National Police and one was ordered to prison. But what of the others? "What will happen next year? It's not just for me, but also for my colleagues and customers." Despite this, he says that he'll be back in Playa de Palma as a doorman next season.

Pablo Juanico and another lawyer met the head of the club's security after the attack on Emiliyan. Shortly before that meeting, two intermediaries acting on behalf of the Romanians proposed a deal to Mario, the head of security. "We'll give you 10,000 euros if you withdraw the complaint." Mario told them that this was a decision for Emiliyan to make, but that in any case it wasn't much money. They added: "You haven't understood. Either you take the 10,000 euros or we'll kill all of you."