U.S. Hollywood mega-star wanted to disappear out of sight following her failed court case against Johnny Depp this year. She rented a house in Costix, near Inca, under the name of Martha Jane Cannary...the real name of the famous frontierswoman Calamity Jane.

Calamity Jane in addition to many exploits she was known for being an acquaintance of Wild Bill Hickok. Late in her life, she appeared in Buffalo Bill's Wild West show and at the 1901 Pan-American Exposition. She is said to have exhibited compassion to others, especially to the sick and needy. This facet of her character contrasted with her daredevil ways and helped to make her a noted frontier figure. She was also known for her habit of wearing men's attire.

Amber Heard spent much of the summer in Costix and there is speculation that she could purchase a home on the island.

Defamation claims

Amber Heard said in an Instagram post today that she would settle her defamation claims against ex-husband Johnny Depp. Heard called the decision to settle with Depp "very difficult" adding that it followed "a great deal of deliberation."