Local manufacturers have not been affected by the increased tax.

A study by researchers at the Esade Business School in Barcelona has found that the January 2021 increase in IVA (VAT) on sugary drinks led to a decrease in consumption of at least ten per cent among families with children and low incomes.

But in Mallorca, two soft drinks companies have been bucking the trend and gaining in a market led by the big American brands. Julián Puig, the great-grandson of the founder of Refrescos Puig in Palma, says that sales have increased by 400% over the past year, while Toni Gibert Mora at Carbonicas la Paduana in Petra says that a loyal customer base has meant that the tax change has not affected revenue.

Gibert adds that "one of our greatest assets is to be able to differentiate our product from the competition". "It has a 'local' label and many people choose us for this reason."

Puig explains that the company sold 70,000 bottles in 2020 but that this year the number will be close to 300,000 bottles. "I am aware that we will not be able to maintain this level of growth, but we nevertheless aim to keep growing, thanks to very loyal customers."