Scene of the accident on December 22. | Alejandro Sepúlveda


Around 6pm on the evening of December 22, the driver of an Opel Frontera 4x4 lost control of her vehicle on Palma's Paseo Marítimo. The car struck a couple who were waiting at a zebra crossing in front of the Cathedral. Jennifer Worth died instantly, James R. remains in a serious condition in Son Espases Hospital.

The couple from Southampton were dance partners. On September 11, they took part in a dance competition at Horndean Technology College. Jennifer noted on social media that "this will probably be our last local competition this year". On December 27, CJ Dancing, of which they were members, posted: "I have some heartbreaking news to tell all our students about the tragic news about one of our beloved students and friend. Jennifer Worth whilst on holiday just before Christmas was tragically killed in a road traffic accident. Jenn was one of the most uplifting, vivacious, funny and charismatic souls you were ever likely to meet, and would light up any room."

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Jennifer had worked as a dental nurse before running a Southampton-based property management company.

The driver of the vehicle was charged with reckless manslaughter. Police, who believed at the time of the accident that a punctured tyre was not what led to the driver to lose control, nevertheless continue to investigate whether the puncture was caused by hitting the road island where Jennifer and James were standing or had occurred prior to this.