No parking signs began to appear last week. | Pere Bota


Starting on Monday, 1,000 parking spaces will gradually be eliminated on Palma's Paseo Marítimo. A consequence of changes to the road, the loss of these spaces will be offset by the creation of an equivalent number elsewhere; more in fact, as some 1,150 are planned.

From Monday, 130 spaces will be available at a parking lot on C. Federico García Lorca. The largest parking facility, scheduled to be operational some time during the first quarter of 2023, will be at the CLH plant in Portopí. Together with the car park on C. Federico García Lorca, 950 spaces will be created. Other parking areas will be on the Golondrinas quay, where the Balearic Ports Authority will have 80 spaces, and at the S'Aigo Dolça car park, which is currently under construction.

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Parking spaces in the centre of the Paseo Marítimo will remain until the CLH lot is ready. Once it is, it will act as a park-and-ride space to connect with the EMT Linea 1 bus route to the city centre.

Manuel Jiménez, president of the Paseo Marítimo association of businesses and residents, says that "it is difficult to achieve unanimity, as there are people who want to park outside their doors, but you can't have everything".

Businesses, he adds, have accepted the changes, but there are concerns about the inconvenience caused by the work and being able to remain open. "We hope that it doesn't last forever." This said, he understands that the Paseo Marítimo cannot continue to be a highway with three lanes in both directions.