The meeting in Palma tonight.


To cheers and applause from scores of people, including many local-based real estate agents, the leader of the opposition Partido Popular, Marga Prohens, said that plans to limit the sale of homes to non-residents were outrageous.

"It is not only unjust, it is bordering on racism," Prohens said at a meeting for non-Spanish voters in Palma tonight.

She said that her party, the centre-right Partido Popular which is battling to topple the ruling socialists at the next local elections in May, would defend the rights of non-Spaniards and also try to make them feel at home as much as possible in the Balearics.

The issue of the sale of homes to non-residents was first raised in the Balearic parliament by the Pi Party and the ruling Balearic government said that a debate was needed over the issue. Balearic President, Francina Armengol, said that it was an issue "which would be decided in Brussels."

Attending last night´s meeting were the Partido Popular candidates of many key municipalities including Calvia and Andratx.