The first sale was at 9.20am. | Pere Bota


The Spanish version of Prince Harry's autobiography goes under the title En la sombra (In the Shadow). When it went on sale on Tuesday, there weren't queues to buy it, but during the day bookstores were selling out of available copies. The Booksellers Guild said that it will take a few days to see how popular the book is, noting that there have been some issues with distribution.

At El Corte Inglés on the Avenidas, Prince Harry's book was alongside a biography of his grandmother as well as books about some prominent Spaniards, Queen Letizia, for instance. There were 25 copies of En la sombra when the store opened. By 5pm, six remained.

Aina was the first buyer at 9.20am. "I came to get it for my sister because she's working. She watches The Crown and likes the history of the United Kingdom in general."

Dolores, 85, was among the first customers. "I always followed Queen Elizabeth II and these past few days all I have seen on television is something about this book."