Mallorca's raccoon population is growing fast. | Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter


Mallorca’s raccoon population is continuing to grow at a rapid rate.
Since 2006 (the year the species was first reported in Mallorca), the Balearic body for the protection of fauna and flora - Cofib - has captured a total of 1,068 raccoons, mainly in the Tramuntana, although specimens have been seen in areas such as Portals Nous (Calvia), the Secar de la Real-Cas Capiscol area (Palma), ses Salines and Vilafranca.

There are no predators of the raccoon in Mallorca, and it eats everything: eggs, amphibians, invertebrates, fruit, vegetables and aluminium foil and plastics have been found inside them, which means that they are also looking for food among urban waste.

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Balearic university ecological researcher Samuel Pinya, said “the presence in Mallorca of an invasive exotic species like the raccoon is not only an environmental problem. It can also cause a health problem as a carrier of diseases and parasites that can be transmitted to humans. If you see a raccoon you should not try to trap it. The raccoon is not a domestic or companion animal. It is a wild animal and anyone who tries to catch it, which would not be easy, exposes themselves to bites and scratches. The best thing to do is to call Cofib or 112”.

Pinya added “we do not yet have the methodology to make an estimate of how many raccoons there really are in Mallorca.”