Direct flights from New York to Palma making travel much easier. | Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter


Mallorca has received a major boost oin the North American travel marker courtesy of Forbes magazine.

The magazine this week published its “5 Hot Travel Destinations For Your Best Vacations Of 2023” and Mallorca is one of the five along with Australia, Turkey, Bhutan and Fiji.

With regards to Mallorca, Forbes’s Larry Olmsted Senior Contributor wrote “ Hardly undiscovered, Mallorca has long been uber-popular with Europeans, and it’s huge international airport is the second busiest in Spain - ahead of much more talked about Barcelona. Yet for some reason, the island paradise in the Mediterranean has stubbornly remained off the radar of Americans until recently, with the exception of avid cyclists (and hikers), as it is known as one of the world’s top bike destinations, and is served by all the top U.S. cycling and hiking tour operators, including Backroads, DuVine, Butterfield & Robinson, and it is especially popular with the discerning clientele of luxury bespoke active travel specialist Gray & Co. It was Gray & Co. owner Cari Gray who finally convinced me I had to visit in 2022, and I am thrilled that I did.

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Last year United launched the first ever non-stop from the U.S. to Mallorca, it’s an easy one-stop through any European gateway, and once you get there you will find incredible nature, vibrant beach resorts, amazing Spanish cuisine, and the capital of Palma, a shockingly large “undiscovered” city. It’s one of the best one-size-fits all destinations, that can please everyone from the endurance athlete (excellent hiking as well as cycling) to the golfer to the sedentary beach lover.

"Traditionally, many of the island’s countless charming and luxury hotels have been independent, many in “Fincas,” restored medieval farmhouses, and a savvy travel agent could direct you to a dozen top shelf luxury hotels you have never heard of. But recently many big-name luxury brands have moved in - with several more on the way.

"There is everything from St. Regis to Luxury Collection to Belmond, there are multiple Michelin-starred restaurants, Mandarin Oriental and Virgin are on the way, Four Seasons is rumored, and Mallorca is hot, hot, hot, and deservedly so.”