The Guardia Civil obtained a court order to enter the property. | MDB


The Guardia Civil are investigating the death of a local police officer at his home in the Son Servera countryside.

Jonathan M., 45, was assigned to the night shift of the Porto Cristo unit. After the summer, he took leave from work, which expired shortly before Christmas. He was due to have re-joined the unit on December 20.

For reasons that are not clear, his absence was overlooked. This was until Thursday, which was when a colleague went to his home. Through a window, he was able to see a body that was in a state of decomposition.

The case was immediately transferred to the Guardia Civil, who obtained a court order to enter the property. There were no signs of violence. He had been dead for many days. Officers also found the bodies of two dogs. It is believed that they died of starvation.

An autopsy is being performed in order to determine the cause of death.