One of the items which has been stolen. | Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter


The social media platforms have gone into overdrive to try to locate the alleged perpetrators of a wave of robberies of elderly people in the north of Mallorca, especially Pollensa.

“Two women of gypsy origin have assaulted my aunt. One is waiting in a small white car with the engine running while the other approaches the victim and tells her that she is not feeling well and starts to touch her neck and hands with a greasy substance with which she steals her bracelets and rings”, a relative of one of the victims told Ultima Hora.

The same sources commented that the victims were so frightened and dazed that they could hardly react.
The perpetrator of the robberies attacks her targets wearing a headscarf and sunglasses so as not to be recognised.

Once she has stolen the jewellery, she flees the scene and fast.
Those affected have released an image of one the stolen jewels.

If anyone recognises it or is offered to buy it illegally, they are asked to alert the Guardia Civil by calling 062.

An appeal has also been made to all elderly people to take extreme precautions and to be wary of strangers who try to hug them.