Foreign residents may have to go back to school to learn Catalan. | Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter


The Proposta per les Illes (el Pi) party today proposed the creation of a language exchange programme to promote and the Catalan language among the foreign resident community in the Balearics.

This initiative was presented by Pi spokesperson Xisca Mora, who said that it is time that the Catalan language should be promoted among foreigners.

“They must learn that we speak Catalan on the islands, and I am sure that many will want to take the step and learn,” she said.

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According to Mora, the Council of Mallorca has the powers and the obligation to promote the culture and language of the Balearics.

Carles Cabrera, Pi’s candidate for mayor of Palma and a philologist by profession backed the proposal.

“We need to give Catalan a boost. The city’s own language is less and less spoken, and we need to give it a boost from the institutions.”

El Pi’s motion calls for the creation of a language exchange bureau and the provision of all the necessary support material and guides for the development of the programme.