Under reconstruction - the Hotel Formentor. | Joan Llada


These things can admittedly seem a little odd. The Hotel Formentor is currently under reconstruction, but there isn't a licence as such for undertaking the rebuilding. However, there soon will be. Pollensa town hall's deputy mayor Tomeu Cifre says that the licence will be granted "in a few days" - by the end of this week or early next week.

This licence, the final one for the saga that has been and continues to be the hotel's redevelopment, has been pending a report from the Balearic environment ministry. This has now been presented by the directorate for natural spaces and biodiversity. It concludes that work at the site does not entail "greater environmental impacts than those currently existing". In other words, the work does not affect areas protected by Red Natura 2000, the network of natural spaces.

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Cifre adds: "We have been waiting for this report for two months. It reflects the same as the previous two issued in 2021 and 2022. It corroborates what Pollensa town hall has been saying and confirms that we did things correctly in terms of redevelopment and expansion licences granted to the developers."

The deputy mayor has once more had a go at opposition parties at the town hall. "The only thing the opposition wants is for the Formentor redevelopment not to come true." The leader of the opposition, former mayor Miquel Àngel March of Junts Avançam, says that "although the problem has been the breach of the law due to demolition without a licence and reconstruction without authorisation, the report does not take into account the thousands of tonnes of rubble that were dumped in a specially protected area".