Police officers Toni and Manolo with their sniffer dog Mica. | Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter


Two officers from the Palma Local Police with a sniffer dog and a Palma fire fighter have travelled to Turkey to collaborate in the rescues after the earthquakes.

The officers are Toni and Manolo, two policemen from the Integral Security Unit, who have joined the trip with the dog Mica, a canine agent specialised in searching for people. The three of them left on Wednesday with a group of volunteers for Turkey.

Shortly before setting off on this trip, another Mallorcan volunteer, Palma firefighter Toni Jaume, arrived in the Turkish city of Adana, from where he was to travel to ‘ground zero’. Toni Jaume is one of the specialists of the International Group for Natural Disaster Rescue (GIREcan).

“The probability of finding survivors is beginning to reach its limit,” explained Toni Jaume during a short break.