In Barcelona it took six months to put together a whole development. | Europa Press (David Zorrakino)


Palma's housing councillor, Neus Truyol, says that the town hall is studying the use of recycled shipping containers for social housing. In Barcelona, there already is such a scheme, and Truyol explained on Friday that the town hall has identified plots of land where it could undertake a similar project. There is nothing firm as yet, as funding is one issue that will need to be addressed.

Truyol described the scheme in Barcelona as "very interesting" as the reuse of containers is in line with the circular economy. In addition, construction, which is of a modular nature, is faster than for buildings and also somewhat cheaper. On the cost side, she noted, consideration would have to be given to matters such as thermal insulation as well as the various adaptations that would be required.

The container homes, she added, would most likely be temporary accommodation for people with difficulties in accessing housing.

In Barcelona there are two developments of this type. The second was completed at the end of last year. It has 42 apartments on seven floors and took six months from start to finish.