The three in court in Palma on Friday. | MDB


On Friday, sentences totalling 16 years and six months were handed to three individuals who took part in a robbery with violence in Alcudia in 2020.

Around 4.45pm on September 17, the three together with another unidentified man and one whose whereabouts are unknown went to a finca off the main road to Alcudia from the motorway. One of them remained outside in a car, while the others entered the property armed with bars, knives and shotguns and with their faces covered.

The house was occupied by two tenants, one of whom was repeatedly struck with a steel bar before telling the gang where they could find money. The four were leaving with cash, phones, a watch and a backpack when they noticed a number of marijuana plants. They were in the process of taking these away when they encountered the other tenant, who was stabbed in an armpit.

Police were by now on their way; arrests were made at the scene. Two of the three in court, a Spaniard and a Romanian, pleaded guilty to robbery with violence and causing injury. The third, a Moroccan, admitted having acted as an accomplice.