Some members of Caserío 24/7. | José A. Ramirez


Caserío 24/7 is not a gang, it is "a family that fights every day and tries to survive". So says 'Locuras', its spokesperson. Caserío 24/7 was created when a friend was made homeless. "He didn't have anywhere where to go, so we opened up a bank. We are a family. The bad reputation just started bit by bit."

This reputation stems from the occupation of the one-time bank branch on Avda. Sant Ferran in Palma. Now boarded up, members of Caserío 24/7 have moved into another old branch. Their former 'home', it was said, contained certain luxuries, like a pool. "That's true. Two friends took an inflatable pool from a chalet; also a television and a PlayStation 5. One of the boys spent a night in the cells for stealing it."

A reputation for robbery is valid then? "Look, the kids don't have papers. Some sometimes work; others can't. We are neither saints nor sinners - like everyone else. Politicians sin, the police sin. Some who have robbed have then come to Caserío. There are days we don't eat. When things get tough, we are forced to do that ... ."

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The family extends to some one hundred young people and comprises various nationalities. There's no racism with Caserío 24/7, not like before with the Latino gangs - "Ecuador, the Dominican Republic, Colombia, Argentina, Brazil, Africa, even China. Everyone is welcome."

They have in their possession dummy pistols and an Airsoft AK-47. Simulated weapons, yes, but do they not fuel a reputation for Caserío 24/7 being dangerous?

"Through the mouths of others we will always have a bad reputation. Journalists write what the police tell them to and make us look like bad guys. We're actually not that bad. There are people who come and have no place to live and we have helped them by giving them a place to squat. I think we have done good things, we help people who are sleeping on the street."