German couple were airlifted to safety. | Guardia Civil


The Guardia Civil has rescued a German couple who had lost their way while hiking in the area of the Na Mora torrent in Soller.
The hikers were unable to raise the alarm until the following day.

According to the Guardia Civil, the couple had gone hiking the day before and did not return to their hotel, located in Puerto Soller.

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When they realised that they could not return they had no telephone coverage, so they had to spend the night in the mountains. Once they could find phone coverage and raise the alarm, a team from the Guardia Civil Mountain Rescue and Intervention Group (GREIM) flew to the area by helicopter to the area.

Once they were found, they were provided with water and warm clothing and were transferred to a suitable place from where they could be hoisted up on board the helicopter and flown to safety.
Both were said to have been found safe and well and required no medical treatment.