Conor McGregor on board his yacht in Puerto Adriano, Mallorca. | Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter


The lawsuit against Conor McGregor over Ibiza birthday boating party has been dropped.
The claims were made by a woman who accused the mixed martial arts fighter of having assaulted her in Ibiza last summer.

She told Irish police that she had to flee his yacht because she “feared for her life” .
According to the police complaint, McGregor suddenly became aggressive towards her.
The trigger for the attack, she maintains, was when she tried to get a mutual friend who was on the yacht to help her: “All his behaviour changed at that moment.”

Her statement, made in Dublin a few days after her return, has led a court in Ibiza to reopen the investigation, the case having been provisionally filed after the woman did not make a declaration on the day of the incident to the Guardia Civil.

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The court had been set to review an application by the plaintiff requiring McGregor to preserve any and all materials related to the case, including phone records and CCTV footage. That application has now been cancelled.

Karen Kessler, spokesperson for Conor McGregor stated at the time: “Mr. McGregor is steadfast in his denial of all the accusations made by a guest on his boat.”

McGregor, who Forbes magazine ranked as the world’s highest paid athlete in 2021, spent his summer holiday in the Balearics, most of it on a luxury yacht moored in Port Adriano.