Deya has already increased property taxes. | Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter


The general coordinator of the political party MÉS per Mallorca and candidate for the presidency of the Balearic Government at the local elections on May 28, Lluís Apesteguia, has pledged to modify the Housing Law to “force empty homes onto the property market”.

According to a press release by MÉS, Apesteguia announced today that his party will promote a modification of the Housing Law to “force flats and houses that have been empty for more than 10 years to be put on the property market”.

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The candidate for the nationalist party also announced his commitment to considerably increase the property tax (IBI) on empty homes, as has already been done, for example, by the Deya Town Hall, where Apesteguia is the mayor, and the tax has been increased by 50% for owners of houses that are not lived in.

Lluís Apesteguia said “we cannot allow new homes to be built in the Balearics, which is a fragile and limited territory, while there are empty flats and houses”.

The candidate for President of the Government went on to state that “there is no lack of housing in the Balearics; what there is a lack of people without access to decent housing”.