Nicole Kidman stars in The Lioness.


Mallorca is looking for a starring role in the cinema industry with plans being announced to build a giant film studio in Marratxi. The project is being backed by the Council of Mallorca with the support of the Mallorca Film Commission.

Not only with the film studio be built on a 5,000 square metre site it will also a include a water filming tank. The announcement comes after the successful filming of a number of films and series on the island including Lioness starring Nicole Kidman and Morgan Freeman, parts of Series 5 and 6 of the Netflix series, The Crown, and the Hollywood film, Hustle starring Adam Sandler. The local authorities say that scores of international movie production companies want to film on the island.

The Marratxi Council has already given the green light to the project and building work will start shortly. The fact that the studios will have a Water Tank will also give the project an even further lift.