Calvia police arrested the two. | Michel's


On Friday, Calvia police arrested two Colombian men, ages 19 and 24, on suspicion of having robbed and raped a female tourist in Magalluf.

Around 1am, the two approached the woman, 25 (nationality not specified), on C. Pere Vaquer Ramis. They robbed her of jewellery and a watch valued around 2,000 euros. They then tore her dress and underwear and raped her.

The police received an urgent call and found the woman with blood on her thighs. She was taken to Son Espases Hospital.

The pair were arrested shortly afterwards. The Guardia Civil are now in charge of the case, investigators suspecting that the two are part of a gang that usually operates in Palma, Andratx and Inca. They are due in court on Saturday.